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I teeter dangerously close to the edge of unreality...

By: Fizzy Fizah

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Saturday, 2-Aug-2008 09:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Secondhand Wonderland

16th August 2008 (Saturday)
2pm - 7pm
Hoxe's Bookstore & Cafe, Damansara Perdana

More info:

Friday, 14-Mar-2008 17:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
And in this moment, I am HAPPY!

I thought Hairie returning home for a 5-week break was great enough news. Little did I expect that our trip to KLIA to welcome him back (ohmygod how I've missed that boy!) would bring even greater outcomes. Like meeting Incubus. YES. Incubus. THE band Incubus. Minus Ben Kenney though, 'cuz he's unwell and isn't joining the band in Malaysia.

Apparently their plane to KL landed a mere half hour after Hairie's (HAIRIE THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR COMING BACK ON THAT FLIGHT!). The band walked out barely 20 minutes after Hairie came out of the Arrival Hall.... and we were awestruck. I can't believe we met Brandon, Jose, Mike and Chris. They looked really tired but were really nice about stopping to talk to us and take pictures. I spoke to Jose the longest (hello, drummer talk harusla connect represent y' all! Haha lame. Ok.)

Seriously, 2008 has been nothing but fantastic for me. It's the 'un-sangka-rable' year... smue bende that I never would've imagined happening has happened (Explosions performing in Malaysia... me buying over a cafe... meeting Incubus...). And March being my birthday month... it's turning out to be an excellent month and I'm the happiest girl alive!

For the rest of the pictures (especially those of Hairie.. haha.. poor boy, was supposed to be the center of our attention skali got totally pushed aside and forgotten for the sake of Incubus ), go can find them here:

Tuesday, 19-Feb-2008 21:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
"Kita adalah Letupan di Langit"

Best Texan product. Ever.
Saya boleh tolong togel punat anda
Dream come true... after watching the gig last night, I don't know what else can top that in terms of giving me the sense of satisfaction and happiness that I had last night (and throughout today too!)

I just sat there, cross-legged in front of the stage, looking up into the faces of pure artistic intelligence, with my face like this ->

More pictures in my Facebook. Upload kat fotopages lambat takde mass upload.... will do it if I do it heh.

Saturday, 9-Feb-2008 07:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark


Apply and join a fun and enthusiastic team!

Sunday, 3-Feb-2008 11:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
First day of operations *cue fireworks*

Si suami pulak amik order si isteri
Waiter terjun... whose experience from Melbourne helps a lot!
Munir and gang... my first friend-customers of the day yeay!
View all 14 photos...

3rd February... first official day that Hoxe's opened its doors under new owner and management

Much thanks to our 'officiating' customers... we had a good split of clientele, 50% strangers and 50% friends and family who came to support heheh (and work for free, as in the case of Izhar and Farah who helped wait tables)

Here's to Eema, my partner in 'dine' Babe... it's gonna be super hard work and tiring days from now onwards, but together we can do this!! Tanpa ko pengsan lah aku. One day we'll look back and think, this was all soooo worth it InsyaAllah... amin amin amin (Oh harap2 Amin gundik kurang sejati tidak tercekik disebut nama)

And to Baba, Mummy, Izhar, Pia, Amir for all the support, advice, encouragement and understanding. Tapi tak syok once Amir, Iz and Pia goes back to Melbourne... gone are my customers who'll spend RM100++ per dining session at the cafe hahaha.

And to the rest of the gang... rakyat2 seperti sang Muna, Izyan, Feruz, Shahrin, Weird, Shy, dll.... teruskan all your help and input, especially melepak di cafe almost every other day dan makan di sini hehehehe. Mwuaks.

Spread the word... here's where to find us:

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